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Rules To Avoid Redundancy And Repetition In Academic Writing

This post is going to assist you in streamlining the different sections of your academic papers and will also help you to increase the coherence of your next essay! Make sure to hold onto every word and take notes. 

If there is repetition and redundancy in your paper, then there is a 100% chance that the readers will lose interest and you might appear as an ineffective writer who failed to persuade and convince his or her readers through the use of various sound arguments and different logics and innovative ideas. You can consult an essay writing service in order to avoid such mistakes.



Either it is the entire paper or simply individual sentences, repetition or redundancy can bore the readers, and even if an academic paper consists of some innovative ideas, it will be difficult to identify because of all the unnecessary repetition of the same sentences. 

Here are some rules which you can follow to avoid redundancy in your next paper or essay such as a write my essay.

But first, let’s look at a few examples which would help you identify the problems associated with repeating a sentence or a phrase in a paper. You’ll be surprised to realize that if you practice these rules, your writing skills will be greatly improved… 

Instead of... Biography of her life, you can use: Her biography

In spite of the fact: Although

New innovative ideas: Innovative ideas

Summarize curtly: Summarize

‘Listen’ to what you have written

I know, it might sound awkward but the implications of this rule would really help you. After you have written a paper, you must read the entire document to yourself with a loud voice so that you can identify all the repetitive statements and ideas.

Befriend pronouns 

Take a look at the following sentences. 

‘Harry is the youngest swimmer in his triathlete club. Harry takes great pride in this fact. All the other swimmers are inspired by Harry and want to be like Hairy.’ 

Too much Harry, right??

Now, take a look at the alternative. . .

‘Harry takes great pride in the fact that he is the youngest swimmer in his triathlete club. All the other swimmers are inspired and want to be like him.’

Remember that there is no need to repeat unnecessary proper nouns when you have a wide range of diverse pronouns at your disposal. 

Remain concise

The word and sentence flow greatly improve when you are concise and write your ideas according to a predetermined outline or if you write my essay for me. We are not suggesting that you should not make use of lengthy sentences but sticking to the main point will give you the liberty to introduce new ideas. Also, after you have written your paper, proofread it multiple times to edit or omit any redundant or repetitive phrases. 

Elegant or graceful variation: It’s a no-no!

Students tend to use flowery synonyms and more often than not, they use graceful replacements for a sentence that they have already written in their paper. Remember that this practice does not help you and only makes the writer appear clumsy. If you have transmitted an idea on the paper, just be done with that and move on to the next one. 

Practice variety while writing headings

Using the same heading twice or thrice can render the readers of your paper unable to identify that which information is contained in which section. Try to make your headings creative and descriptive so that the reader remains engaged. 

Use a lot of transition and linking words 

Allowing the readers to see how well you have established relationships between your ideas and contents will leave a lasting impression.

After all, that’s the end goal, isn’t it? 

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